Technical details for Børsen Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays


Børsen is published daily. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, it is published as a digital version that goes straight to the reader’s mailbox. The publications are produced by Børsen’s regular staff of journalists and commentators, who deliver agenda-setting business news. There is also the option to make your advertisement clickable so that with a single click readers are redirected to your website.
Please call +45 72 42 33 20 to find out more about the possibilities for advertising in Børsen on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


Tlf: 72 42 33 20



Format: 768 x 1024 
Resolution: min. 250 dpi


Format: 1536 x 1024 
Resolution: min 250 dpi

Front-page bottom

Format: 768 x 170
Resolution: min 250 dpi

Order deadline and material deadline

Order deadline
The order deadline for full-page advertisements and advertisments for the bottom of the front page in Børsen Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday, the order deadline is 12.00 on the Wednesday prior to insertion.

The order deadline for double-page advertisements in Børsen Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday is 12.00 on the Thursday prior to insertion.

Material deadline
The material deadline for all types of advertising in Børsen Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday is 11.00 on the Friday prior to insertion.

General conditions

Børsen reserves the right at any time to reject material which does not meet the technical guidelines for its publications or otherwise conflicts with the medium’s image. Advertisements must not feature Børsen’s colours or similar colours. Børsen reserves the right to reject material that is deemed to use colours that are similar to our colours.

Børsen’s colours are:
Salmon pink
R-G-B: 240 – 222 – 203

R-G-B: 237 – 50 – 168

Deadline for submitting material and technical details

We recommend a minimum font size of 16 point. Material in PDF format and RGB colours, including the URL for the landing page, should be sent to Remember to state the date for insertion.

Advertisement production at Børsen

We can set up your advertisements. Call your advertising consultant on +45 72 42 33 20 for a quote. Materials for advertisement layout should be sent to Børsen by 12.00 on the Wednesday before insertion.