Technical details for Børsen Play

Børsen Play delivers round-the-clock on-demand news about the share market, and users can customise the broadcast to their portfolio or stakeholders. Play is quick news, lasting 1-5 minutes, that gets straight to the point. Senior executives, investors and analysts answer tough questions on everything from the fall in share prices to recommended buys. The news is inspiring, relevant and, just as important, understandable for users, who include private investors and individuals with an interest in investment and business news.
Users can easily compile their own play-list of the most interesting clips from an easy-to-manage overview or even create their own Play, where news is only shown about the companies that they consider relevant. In short, Play can be customised to the user’s needs 


Tlf: 72 42 33 20

Advertising opportunities

As an advertiser you can choose from various advertising packages, primarily consisting of banner advertising. The banners appear on the front page of and below the play window on – all in advantageous positions. In Play there is just one banner per screen, so you are assured of high visibility and high frequency in a target group unrivalled elsewhere.

If you would like to find out more about Play or your options for advertising, please contact Børsen Advertising on +45 72 42 33 20.

Børsen Play on desktop
Format: 620 x 120

Børsen Play on tablet
Format: 620 x 120