Technical details for

Print helps users to make the right private finance decisions. We give specific, action-oriented advice and recommendations for optimising private finance within the areas of tax, pensions, investment, property, private law, cars, insurance, banking, and much more.
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Tlf: 72 42 33 20


Top banner

Format: 930 x 180 
Weight (gif/html/HTML5): 100 kB 
Animation: 15 seconds
Loop: Max. 3 
Streaming: 60 seconds

Sticky banner (follow down)

Format: 160 x 600 eller 300 x 600
Weight (gif/html/HTML5): 100kB
Animation: 15 seconds 
Loop: Max. 3
Streaming: 60 seconds


Format: 2560 x 1440 
Weight (gif/jpg)*: 200 kB
Animation: None
Loop: None
Streaming: None

*Must not be third-party code.

Tablet and smartphone


Format: 728 x 140
Weight (gif/png/jpeg/a-gif): 50 kB
Animation: 15 seconds
Loop: Max. 3


Format: 320 x 160
Weight (HTML5/gif/png/jpeg/a-gif): 50 kB
Animation: 15 seconds 
Loop: Max. 3

Technical details for

The banners must meet the technical requirements set by, which means that they must observe certain formats (see table). Out of consideration for our users, animations in the material must not loop more than three times or contain one long sequence of more than 15 seconds’ duration. In this regard, it is recommended having a short delay in the animation start-up to ensure that the user’s page has uploaded.

HTML5 banners for desktop should be submitted as a zipped file. Each banner should be sent as a separate file. You can find out more about the specifications here.

If streaming/video with sound is used, it is a requirement that the banner should only be activated by a mouse-over and that there should be a second’s delay in the actual activation of the banner. Streaming and sound should thus be stopped by a mouse-out.

Banners must not feature’s colour or similar colours. Børsen reserves the right to reject material that is deemed to use colours that are similar to’s colour.’s colour is:
Red: HEX: #b01721 RGB: 176-23-33

Placing of orders

Orders can be placed by telephone or e-mail:
Tel.: +45 72 42 33 20

It should be clearly stated where and when the campaign is to be run, how the material is being submitted, and from where the material is being submitted (company name, address, telephone number, contact person).

Deadline for submitting material

The material, including the URL for the landing page, should be sent to at the latest five working days before the start of the campaign. If the material is delivered as third party code, it must be delivered as Iframe tag. Please note that runs via SSL. All scripts must therefore point to HTTPS versions. This also includes third-party tags, otherwise the banners cannot be displayed on

Sound must not be activated unless the user performs an action.