Technical details – newspaper



Tlf: 72 42 33 20

On this page you will find technical details concerning advertising in Børsen. You will also find a guide to how you can make your advertisement clickable. If you have any further questions, please contact Børsen Advertising by telephoning +45 72 42 33 20 or e mailing


Submission of advertising material to Børsen:

Username: annonce
Password: (contact

Details of the customer/advertiser, insertion date and sender’s e-mail address are compulsory.


Børsen Advertising can be contacted by calling +45 72 33 20.

Placing of orders

Orders can be placed by telephone or e-mail
Tel.: 72 42 33 20

It should be clearly stated where and when the advertisement is to be placed, how the material is being submitted, and from where the material is being submitted (company name, address, telephone number, contact person).

Print-ready material

Print-ready advertising material should be submitted as PDF files, minimum version 1.6. The correct PDF settings for Indesign can be downloaded from

Advertising materials may be submitted with either CMYK or RGB photos.

CMYK: We recommend using the colour profile ISOnewspaper26v4 and converting photos in Photoshop.

RGB: We recommend using the ICC profile AdobeRGB.

Non-CMYK colour spaces are automatically converted at the risk and responsibility of the advertiser.

If the advertisement size deviates from the format which has been ordered, we reserve the right to modify the size.

If you need profiles for producing newspaper advertisements, you can download them here.

Submission of element for layout

Texts should be submitted in Word or directly in an e-mail. B&W or 4-colour photos should be submitted with minimum resolution 150 dpi in TIF, EPS or JPG format. Note, however, that the bitmap minimum is 600 dpi. Logos and graphics should be submitted as vector graphics, e.g. in Illustrator.


In order to achieve the best possible print result, the following guidelines are relevant:

1. 4-colour printing comprises CMYK. DP colours must be defined as CMYK.

2. Allow for 20% dot spread. For photos, we recommend that you increase the contrast and lighten the medium tones to achieve the best print result.

3. Font sizes below 8 point should not be used. For negative text, minimum 10 point and bold type should be chosen. For positive text in multiple colours, we recommend minimum 16 point. This will guarantee good readability in the event of misregistration within the standard tolerance.

4. Due to the newsprint’s absorbency, we print with maximum 190% colour. See “Print-ready material” for instructions on colour profiles. Before printing, we perform UCR optimisation on all advertisements, reducing the colour content in the PDF file to max. 190%. This colour reduction cannot be avoided.

5. Further information on newspaper production can be found at

Coloumn widths

Advertising material must be submitted in the following formats:

1 coloumn41 mm
2 coloumns86 mm
3 coloumns131 mm
4 coloumns176 mm
5 coloumns221 mm
6 coloumns266 mm
12 coloumns546 mm

See other formats here.


Complaints about e.g. misregistration or colour density may be rejected if the advertising material submitted deviates from Børsen’s technical specifications and recommendations. The printing machine’s tolerance for misregistration is ± 0.3 mm. Density may deviate over the print run. Børsen checks the density every 5,000 newspapers.