Guide to clickable advertisements in the e-newspaper



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When you advertise with Børsen, you can make your advertisements clickable, giving you the opportunity to generate traffic directly to your own website or products. On this page you will find a guide to how to make your advertisements clickable so they are ready for advertising in Børsen’s media.

Links in the e-newspaper

There are no restrictions on the number of links in an advertisement.

Remember to open your PDF and check that the hyperlinks are working corrrectly and as desired before sending it to Børsen. The advertisement should be e-mailed to

Børsen can help you to set up links. The prices for setting up advertisements can be found in the general pricelist, which can be downloaded here.

N.B.: The URL must not contain the letters Æ, Ø or Å or any spaces.

Guide to Indesign

1. Open the “HYPERLINKS” menu:
Window > Interactive > Hyperlinks

2. Select the object (text, image or graphical element)
that you want to have a clickable link.

3. Enter the desired URL in the Hyperlinks menu and press Enter. Always remember to put “http://” in front of the www address.

4. Remember to activate“Include Hyperlinks” when exporting the PDF. We recommend that you create your PDF in version 1.4.

Guide til Acrobat XI Pro 

1. Open the “Tools” menu.

2. Open the “Edit PDF” menu.

3. Open the “Link” menu and choose “Add/Edit Web or Document Link”.

4. Mark up the area where the link is to be placed. A new window will open automatically:
– Mark up “Invisible Rectangle”
– Mark up “Open a web page”, and press “Next”
– Enter the URL and press “OK” (always remember to put http:// at the front).