Technical details for inserts



Tlf: 72 42 33 20

An insert in Børsen receives a high level of attention and leaves a positive impression with readers. If you place an insert in the physical newspaper, you can also place it in the e-newspaper, where you can apply links and track the insert’s performance. Magazine-like inserts may be subject to a special postage charge – call Advertising Sales on +45 72 42 33 20 for a quote.

Formats and paper qualities

Generally, we only approve stapled inserts in portrait format with no stick-ins such as product samples or coupons and with a maximum weight of 300 g. We recommend a maximum of 270 x 395 mm (width x height). A format of 280 x 395 mm (width x height) can be accepted, but this entails a risk that the insert’s edges may get frayed, for which Børsen cannot assume responsibility.

Magazines with a high-gloss cover are not advisable as there is a risk that they will slide around in the newspaper and complicate the packing process. If they are submitted without our approval, we cannot guarantee their insertion for the full circulation. Magazines with a glued spine have to be distributed alongside the newspaper, entailing an extra charge for the advertiser.

Formats below A4: Minimum format A5, maximum thickness 1.5 mm
Formats between A4 and 260 x 330 mm: Maximum thickness 2.0 mm
Formats between 260 x 330 mm and tabloid: Maximum thickness 4.0 mm
Loose sheets in all above formats: Printed on minimum 100 g paper

The stated maximum thicknesses are based on a single product measured at the spine without pressure.

Inserts which diverge from the above specifications in format, weight or thickness may be enclosed with/distributed outside the newspaper. Always ask for a quote from your advertising consultant.

Dummy/paper samples

In order to ensure correct insertion, Børsen must – no later than 14 days before the day of insertion – be provided with three fullformat dummies/paper samples in final paper quality. If Børsen does not receive these dummies/paper samples, no guarantee of insertion can be given.

A dummy is a blank version of a planned print item in the correct paper type and weight. The dummy may also comprise a similar print item that is trimmed to the correct format. If you require a glossy cover for your magazine, you should submit a sample of the cover for assessment and approval of any highgloss UV lacquer or similar treatment.

Printing of inserts

If required, Børsen can provide you with a contact for printing your inserts. Please contact Production Manager Lars Hesselbjerg Asskildt on +45 72 42 31 43.

Deadline and cancellation

Inserts should always be booked well in advance because Børsen only carries a maximum of two inserts per publication day. Cancellation of inserts later than seven working days before the booked insertion day will be charged at 50% of the insertion price.


Inserts should be sent to:
BOLD Printing Malmø AB
Stenåldersgatan 9
200 39 Malmø

Packing on pallets
Inserts should be delivered on pallets with the front page up in bundles of 8-10 cm. The bundles may be cross-tied or delivered loose on the pallet.

No earlier than three working days prior to insertion and no later than two working days prior to insertion, between 9.00 and 12.00. If the insertion day is a Monday, the inserts must reach us by Thursday between 9.00 and 12.00.

Marking of pallets

Name of advertiserE.g.: Ander Andersen A/S
Date of insertion – mediumE.g.: – Børsen
Total no. of copiesE.g.: xx,000
Number of items per pallete.g.: 7000 items per pallet, no. 1 af 11 

If the delivery fails to satisfy the above, no guarantee of correct publication can be made. Assuming that we have the capacity to rectify any packing errors, extra labour, time consumption, etc., will be retrospectively billed starting from DKK 5,000.00.

Delivery of material: inserts in the e-newspaper

PDFs no larger than 10 MB should be sent to no later than three working days prior to insertion. PDFs should be submitted as single-page, not as spreads. In the case of PDFs larger than 10 MB, the insert should be uploaded to Børsen’s FTP server:

Username: annonce
Password: (contact

When uploading to FTP, the file should be named with the date of publication and the advertiser’s name (e.g.: DDMMYY_ Advertiser.pdf).


If you need profiles for producing newspaper advertisements, you can download them here.