Børsen’s newsletters offer an attractive solo position among relevant editorial content. There is just one advertisement in the newsletter, and both the position and the size are particularly attractive. Call +45 72 42 33 20 to find out more about the options for advertising in Børsen’s newsletters.


Tlf: 72 42 33 20


Editions and formats

Børsen 21.30**Monday-Sunday468 x 400
Investor morning*Monday-Friday468 x 400
Investor afternoon*Monday-Friday468 x 400
Play*Thursday468 x 400
Finance morning*Monday-Friday468 x 400
EconomyTuesday and Thursday468 x 400
Latest NewsTwice daily Monday-Friday468 x 400
PleasureTuesday300 x 250
Breaking NewsWhen it happens468 x 400

*Only available to Børsen’s customers.
**Daily newsletter with next day’s newspaper

Formats and material specifikations

FormatVægtAnomation, loops and streaming
468 x 40045 kB JPG/GIF*None
300 x 25045 kB JPG/GIF*None

*Must not be third-party code.

General conditions

Børsen reserves the right at any time to reject material that does not meet the technical guidelines for or otherwise conflicts with the medium’s image. Banners must not feature Børsen’s colours or similar colours. Børsen reserves the right to reject material that is deemed to use colours that are similar to our colours.

Børsen’s colours are:

Salmon Pink
R-G-B: 240-222-203

R-G-B: 237-50-168
HEX: #ED32A8