Technical details for advertorials



Tlf: 72 42 33 20

Børsen works on the principle that readers should be able to easily distinguish editorial and commercial content, as prescribed in the rules on press ethics. This applies to both print and online media. The principle is important for our credibility, and hence our status and business.

As a commercial platform, Børsen is keen to contribute to advertising creativity and therefore wants to challenge and be challenged. Consequently, we adopt a positive, collaborative approach to advertisers and agencies.

We do not want to prevent advertisers from drawing up textheavy advertisements, so-called advertorials, but the following guidelines must be observed.

Contact Advertising Sales for further information by calling +45 72 42 33 20.

Deadline for submitting material

The material, including the URL for the landing page, must be sent to at least five working days before the start of the campaign.

Set-up rules

1) Børsen’s fonts (PT Serif/Sans) or similar fonts must not be used in advertorials.

2) Advertorials must not include Børsen colours or similar. Børsen’s colours are: salmon-pink (C:0 M:7 Y:10 K:0) and magenta (C:0 M:100 Y:0 K:0).

3) Advertorials must have a frame in minimum point size 0.5.

4) Advertorials must not include a writer’s byline.

5) Advertorials must not include a photographer’s byline other than that required by any photo forming part of the advertisement, in which case the byline must be placed within the photo frame in max. point size 6.

6) Advertorials must include a clear logo in the immediate vicinity of the text. All logos less than 30 mm in width and height must be approved by Børsen.

7) Advertorials must be clearly labelled with the word “ADVERTISEMENT” at least once at the top of the advertisement and in min. point size 12. Spreads must be labelled with the word “ADVERTISEMENT” on both the left and right sides.

8) Børsens editorial staff must not advise on or participate in the drawing up of advertorials.

Børsen reserves the right at any time to reject material which does not meet the technical guidelines for advertorials or otherwise conflicts with the medium’s image.


If you need profiles for producing newspaper advertisements, you can download them here.